The World Orchid Conference Trust



Tokyo Dome Show 2017


The WOC Trust Trophy which 'Honours the grower of the best species orchid' was won by Dr Masahiro Saito for his Trichocentrum splendidum 'Akiko', a species from Central America where it grows as a lithophyte at around 800-850m. The species was first described by Duchartre in 1862 from a Guatemalan specimen in Achille Richard's Herbarium as Oncidium splendidum before it was transferred to Trichocentrum in 2001 by Chase and Williams. Dr Saito is a familiar name as he has won one of the trophies four times in the past five years. He is also an amateur grower managing to maintain a large collection of specimen plants in between his work as a Gynaecologist.



Photo: J.Hermans