The World Orchid Conference Trust



Tokyo Dome Show 2015

The World Orchid Conference Trust trophy for the best species went to the well-known amateur orchid grower, Dr Masahiro Saito, for his plant Masdevallia ignea 'Winter Flame' which had approximately 60 bright orange-red flowers. Dr Saito has also won the RHS Trophy in 2013 and 2014; the species comes from the Eastern Cordillera of Columbia and was first described by Reichenbach in 1871 from specimens supplied by Messrs. Veitch and John Day. The species name igneus aptly refers to its fire-red colour.


Photo: J.Hermans

Grand Champion of the Show was Paphiopedilum Emeral Future 'Galaxy', owner Mr Masayoshi Takahashi.

Paph. Emeral

Photo: J Hermans